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MBK Mini Grant Application

  1. The Proposal Summary should be about one paragraph of 1-3 sentences and should give the most general description of the use that will be made of the funds.

  2. The Organization Description and History section should be about I page in length and should include the history of the organization, its structure, information about office locations that will be involved in carrying out the activities that will be funded by the requested grant, major accomplishments of the organization, relevant experience and accomplishments of the organization, established partnerships and relationships that will be important to carrying out the activities funded by the grant, information about prior grants received from the source to which the proposal will be sent, and an explanation of how the description you provide makes your organization an appropriate grantee.

  3. The Background section, of 1-3 paragraphs in length, should provide the reader with an explanation of the problem that has created the need for the program that will be funded by the requested grant. It should provide evidence that the problem exists as well as that the proposed project will contribute to a solution to the problem or will reduce the harmful impact of the problem.

  4. The Project Description may vary widely in length depending on the size and scope of the program that will be funded. The project description should give the reader a detailed description of the program that will be funded. This description should explain the duration of time during which the funds will support the project, the goals of the project, how they will be achieved, how success or failure will be measured, what services you promise to deliver to what population and what results you expect to bring about. A useful structure is to break the project down into component goals. Use each goal as its own heading and under each goal heading, list and describe the activities that will be funded to achieve that goal and how achievement of that goal will be measured or defined. The Project Description may also include information about the staff who will work on the project, their experience and qualifications to perform the activities that will be funded.

  5. Using your Project Description, provide the reader with a timeline that shows the chronological order in which the activities listed under each goal heading will be undertaken and/or completed. Also include information about how/when funds that are awarded will be spent to support each activity.

  6. Provide (upload) a table with categories of expenditures that will be funded by the requested grant, how much funding will be required for each category, and how much of that funding will come from the grant request. See an Application Sample for details.

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