What is this year's tax rate in Nashua, NH?

2023 tax rate is $18.23 per thousand dollars of assessed property value.

View the current Nashua Tax Rate and Tax Rate History. 

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1. What is this year's tax rate in Nashua, NH?
2. When does the tax year begin and end?
3. When are the taxes due?
4. How is an assessment determined?
5. What if I think my tax assessment is higher than the fair market value?
6. What if I miss the deadline to file for an abatement?
7. What type of tax exemptions/tax credits are available in the City of Nashua and what are the qualifications?
8. How can I change the mailing address on my tax bill?
9. When were the assessments last updated in Nashua?
10. What is the 2022 State of N.H. Department of Revenue Administration’s equalization ratio for Nashua?