Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will the bus driver make change?

No. The bus driver cannot make change, so please have the exact fare ready.

2. Where do I catch the bus?

Passengers can catch the bus any NTS bus stop. These stops are marked with a blue and/or yellow sign with an NTS logo. A blue sign indicates the stop is serviced by a daytime route, and a yellow sign indicates that the stop is serviced by a nighttime route. Stand next to the sign and wait for the bus to come. The driver will stop when they see someone waiting at a bus stop.

There are nearly 400 bus stops located throughout the city, spread apart every 2 or 3 blocks along each route. You can find bus stops on route or system maps or online on Google Maps. All routes meet at the Transit Center located at 30 Elm Street, next to the rear entrance of City Hall.

3. How do I transfer to another bus?

Transfers are free within Nashua city limits. Please ask your driver for a transfer ticket when boarding if you need to transfer buses. This ticket is only valid on the next available bus.

4. When do I tell the driver where I’m getting off?

Notify the driver you would like to get off by pressing the yellow tape inside the bus about a block before your desired stop.

5. Can I listen to music or video media on the bus?

Yes, but only by listening with headphones. Music can distract or annoy other passengers; please listen to music through headphones only.

6. Can I talk on my cell phone on the bus?

Please keep phone calls brief and quiet. Shouting over the phone can distract or annoy other passengers. Please use headphones when answering a call.

7. Can I smoke on the bus?

No. Smoking and vaping are not allowed on board the bus.

8. Can I eat or drink on the bus?

No. Open food and drink are not allowed on board the bus.

9. Can I bring my bike on the trip?

Yes! Bikes ride for free if there is room on the bike rack. Passengers are responsible for loading and unloading their bike(s). NTS bike racks fit up to three bikes.

10. How many bags can I bring on the bus?

There is a two bag limit on the bus. You MUST be in control of your belongings at all times and be able to store the bags in the area where you are sitting. Please do not bring any large objects on board that require multiple seats or block the aisle.

11. Can I bring a baby stroller on the bus?

Yes, baby strollers are allowed on the bus. Strollers MUST be folded up and stored in between or under seats. Strollers are not allowed in the aisle! Reasonable accommodations will be made to parents with strollers. Children must be removed from the stroller and sit in a parent's or guardian's lap during the trip.

12. Where can I get a route map or schedule?

Printed maps are available at the NTS Transit Center at the ticket window. You can also print out your own map from the documents available under the Routes and Schedules page.

13. Is the bus ADA accessible?

Yes! All Nashua Transit vehicles are 100% ADA accessible. For more information, see our policies regarding ADA and reasonable modifications.

14. Where will the bus driver pick me up or drop me off if there is a lot of snow?

During the winter months, all of our drivers are trained to drop off and pick up passengers at locations that are safe for both the driver and passengers. Usually, drivers will pick up and drop off at intersections (or driveways) that are close to the bus stop, but provide an easier exit and entrance to the bus.

If you are waiting for the bus at an intersection close to the stop, our drivers have been trained to stop and pick you up. Please wave to the driver as the bus approaches to signal that you would like the bus. 

When you request a stop in an area with large snow banks (or little to no shoulder) our drivers will stop the bus in an area closest to your stops that will allow you to exit the vehicle safely.

15. Can I bring my skis on the bus?

No. Unfortunately, you cannot bring skis or snowboards on the Citybus. These items are too large and would pose a danger to our drivers and other passengers.

16. Will the bus driver see me in the dark?

Our drivers are trained to be vigilant for riders waiting at stops, but there are things passengers can do to make sure you are seen at night. Riders can wave a flashlight towards (but not directly at) the driver or hold up an illuminated cell phone screen. By doing so, you will attract the attention of driver and make it much easier for them to see you.