Engineering Department Information

Located next to the Landfill at 848 West Hollis Street, the Engineering Department provides the City of Nashua with professional engineering and technical services required to plan, coordinate, develop, design, construct, operate and maintain City facilities and infrastructure.

Engineering Office Front
What are the responsibilities of the Engineering Department?

  • Reviewing of private development site plans to ensure compliance to City standards and sound engineering design.
  • Providing engineering information to the public, including residents, consulting engineers and contractors, relative to city infrastructure, policies and standards.
  • Maintaining engineering plans, drawings, field books and various records relating to all city-owned infrastructure including street acceptance plans, sewer plans, drainage plans, building sewer service locations, parks and playgrounds, city-owned buildings including assisting the school department
  • Managing the Geographic Information System (GIS) sewer and drainage layers.
  • Managing the City’s street opening permit program including issuing permits, coordinating the work of various private utility companies as they affect city road projects, ensuring that the trenches are properly back-filled, compacted and patched.
  • Issuing Sewer Permits to properties connecting to the sewer for the first time, and to licensed drain-layers for new sewer connections and for repair of existing sewers.
  • Issuing Permits to Encumber when any portion of the right of way is requested to be used for private functions.
  • Providing land surveyors with information relative to street line, layout, land plans, street acceptance plans, topographical plans and assessor maps.
  • Inspecting new sewer connections and repairs to existing sewers in the public right of way.
  • Inspecting repairs made to any public infrastructure (sidewalk, curb, roadway, etc.)  in the public right of way
  • Providing advice to various boards and public agencies and to the general public when the advice of a professional Civil Engineer is required.
  • Generating environmental compliance reports to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, NH Department of Environmental Services, NH Department of Transportation, United State Army Corps of Engineers, NH Department of Environmental Services, NH Department of Transportation and other federal and state agencies.
  • Providing necessary reporting on grant funded projects.
  • Reviewing of petitions from various utility companies for grant of location requests within the city’s right of ways.
  • Assisting other Division of Public Works and city departments in completing their projects or reporting.
  • Providing monthly updates to Board of Public Works on the status of projects and requests for contract recommendations