Traffic Engineering

The traffic engineer is responsible for the safe and efficient movement of vehicles, bicycles and pedestrians along the public right-of-ways in the City of Nashua. This department responds to the complex and growing needs of the City’s infrastructure systems by planning, improving and maintaining the City’s walkways and traffic control and calming, through the use of traffic signals, pavement markings and street signs to ensure traffic safety and efficiency.

Our traffic engineer performs technical reviews of all private development plans that are presented to the Nashua Planning Board and provides recommendations to the Aldermanic Committee on Infrastructure regarding traffic related ordinances and safety issues that include traffic signs, pavement markings, and other engineered traffic devices. The traffic engineer is also involved with numerous design projects ranging from guardrail and traffic signals to traffic calming devices as well as transportation engineering projects within the City. Such projects include the Broad Street Parkway, Amherst Street widening, and DW Highway widening.

View our Traffic Impact Report Guidelines (May 2000) (PDF) for a copy of this guide.

Pine Hill Road at Charron Ave Traffic Study

Nashua Board of Public Works Meeting Presentation 5/28/2020