Board of Fire Commissioners

The Nashua Fire Rescue has an elected Board of Fire Commissioners with total of 5 members elected during the city's general election. The Board of Fire Commissioners are tasked with the hiring and promotional processes of the department. The Board of Fire Commissioners works with the Fire Rescue Administration in planning and prioritizing the departments direction.

Kevin E. Gage, Chairman of the Board

Elected January 2008, first term Four Year Term ending 2016

Commissioner Gage has a degree in Criminal Justice from Dean College.

Commissioner Gage is a Nashua native. He was previously a member of the Nashua Board of Alderman from 2000-2006, representing Ward 3.

Commissioner Gage is a certified full-time police officer. He has spent over 25 years in Law Enforcement and Security Management. He is currently the Security Manager for a hospital in Massachusetts. Commissioner Gage is a certified instructor in several disciplines: Verbal De-Escalation, Hospital Evacuations, Pepper Spray and Handcuffing. He has also received emergency response training at the Center for Disaster Preparedness, a division of the Department of Homeland Security in Anniston, Alabama. Commissioner Gage is married to his wife Robin and has two sons.

Paul Garant

Elected January 2008, serving since 2003 Four Year Term ending 2016

Commissioner Garant is a graduate of the University of Massachusetts, Amherst with a degree in Public Health and Microbiology. A Nashua resident since 1985, Commissioner Garant is a retired medical device manufacturing and quality system executive and consultant. His professional experience includes senior management positions with Fortune 500 companies with long term assignments in Puerto Rico and Lyon, France as well as consulting assignments in Sweden, Italy, Singapore and the Seychelles Islands. Commissioner Garant served as a call firefighter in Bedford and Amherst, Massachusetts and as an EMT and member of the Board of Directors of the Boston Ambulance Squad and was a Charter Member of the National Association of EMT's. He is a member of the Boston Sparks Associaton, the Leather Helmet Society and the Amoskeag Reserve Engine Company as well as the NH chapter of the Society for the Appreciation and Preservation of Antique Fire Apparatus America. Commissioner Garant serves on the Nashua Salvation Army Advisory Board and is a member of the Club Richelieu of Nashua. The Commissioner is married to his wife of 28 years, Debra and has two adult children who also live in Nashua.

Craig Adams, Secretary/Clerk

Elected January, 2016, first term Four Year Term ending 2020

Hello, my name is Craig Adams and I’m honored to be a Fire Commissioner for the city of Nashua. It is of the utmost importance that I do everything within my power to ensure the safety of The Nashua Fire Department. My goal is the help the Fire Department provide the best possible emergency response and safety services for the citizens of this city.

I have lived in Nashua since I was two years old. I was educated in Nashua public schools and graduated in 1978. I was a member of the Army National Guard in Nashua B/Battery 1st/172nd field artillery from 1982-90 with the rank of Sergeant. I joined the Nashua Fire Department in 1985. I worked 17 years as a fire fighter. I transferred into the Fire Alarm division working three years as a lineman, three years as the Assistant Superintendent and retired as the Superintendent of Fire Alarm in 2011.

I have been married for 28 years to my wife Lisa. We have two sons, Chadd and Daniel. Chadd served in the U.S. Marine Corp and is an Afghanistan combat veteran. He lives in Nashua with his wife Heidi. Daniel is a student of the Young Americans School of Performing Arts in California. I’m extremely proud of my family.

 My experience as a fire fighter and in the Army will be an asset in my role. I look forward to working with the city’s public officials and the citizens of Nashua. My door is always open.

Kenneth Marquis

Elected January 2014, 1st term Four Year Term ending 2018

Born and rasied in Nashua, Ken has lived in the Nashua area for many years. For most of his adult life, Ken has been a resident of Nashua. Ken is a graduate of Nashua High School and Manchester Community College. He owns and operates an electrical contracting business based in Nashua, serving most of New Hampshire, doing business as Ken Marquis Electric, LLC.

Ken is the son of retired Deputy Chief Armand "Pete" Marquis, nephew of the late Captain Tom Chacos and has many relative who have proudly served as members of the Nashua Fire Department and other departments in the State of New Hampshire. His wife of 11 years, Lily works locally and has also been a resident of Nashua for maany years.

David Lavoie

Re-elected 2006, formerlry served beginning in 1994 to 2003. Four year term ending 2018

 Previously served as Nashua Police Commissioner 2003 to 2005, A lifelong Nashua native and graduate of the Nashua Public Schools and attended UNH in Durham. Married with a son and daughter, along with 2 dogs. Commissioner Lavoie is an avid traveler. His occupations include Real Estate investing, Plumbing, Heating and Electrical Contracting. He enjoy the outdoors hunting, hiking, competitive shooting and many beaches around the world. Commissioner Lavoie believes it is everyone’s responsibility to give something back to your community.

Board / Commission detail

Board or Commission Name: FIRE COMMISSION

Description: At each subsequent general municipal election three or two members of the fire commission shall alternatively be elected for a full four-year term, in order to maintain a board of five members. The members so chosen shall hold their respective offices from the inauguration day in January next following their election for the terms above specified, and until there successors are chosen and qualified. The board shall exercise all the powers and perform all the duties that the laws and ordinances now prescribe, or that may hereafter be prescribed by law and the City Ordinances. [Ch. 73] The said board shall organize annually in the month of January by the choice of one of their members as chairman. They shall also choose a clerk, who may be clerk of the board of engineers, and they shall make such rules and regulations for their own government and for the government of all other officers and members of the fire department, also all buildings and apparatus and horses now used for the transportation of apparatus in case of fire (and the said horses so used are hereby transferred to the fire department) as they may deem expedient.

The board of fire commissioners shall also have the sole power to select and purchase land for the purpose of the fire department; and when said board has secured by vote of the board of aldermen an adequate appropriation for the purchase of a specified lot at a specified price, then said board may purchase the same. The said board and the land and buildings committee of the board of aldermen, jointly, shall direct the construction of all buildings erected, altered, remodeled or changed, for the use of the fire department; and no building shall be erected, altered, remodeled or changed, unless the plans thereof have been previously submitted to the board of fire commissioners and approved by it. Upon the completion of any such building or after the selection and purchase of land, the board of fire commissioners shall have full and complete care and control of the same; and whenever such land and buildings shall no longer be used for the purposes of the department, the care and control thereof shall revert to the city. For their services the fire commissioners shall receive such compensation as the city councils may from time to time determine. [A-593]

Primary Contact: Dawn Roy 
Phone: 594-3651