Pine Street & Palm Street Improvements

The work included in this contract was completed as an early priority. Pine Street and Palm Street have been established as a one-way couplet. Southbound traffic uses Pine Street while northbound traffic uses Palm Street.

Intersections at West Hollis have been signalized for both Pine Street and Palm Street.

Signalization was added at Pine Street and Kinsley Street. The existing signal equipment at Palm Street and Kinsley Street has been modified.

A discontinuity in the alignment of Palm Street near West Hollis has been removed to facilitate traffic flow.
Pine Street and Palm Street Improvements Map
Bicycle friendly shoulders have been incorporated into the design for Pine Street and Palm Street.

To facilitate pedestrian use of these roads as well as to encourage appropriate vehicle speeds, raised mid-block crosswalks have been constructed. These mid-block crosswalks were designed to narrow the roadway width at the crossing to reduce the crosswalk length, enhance driver awareness and further encourage appropriate speeds.