The goal of this program is to provide hands on public health experience over the course of 2 or 3 days with a college or high school student that wants to learn more about the field of public health and potential careers. After speaking with the student, we will develop a program that includes a 2 or 3 day shadowing experience where the student will be able to meet with staff from the Community Services, Community Health and Environmental Health Departments and attend meetings and clinics, as available and appropriate. These meetings may include public health emergency preparedness, community health improvement meetings that involve chronic disease prevention, access to health care and behavioral health, or outbreak investigations.

  • Use the contact information below to send an email with your interest to shadow a public health professional. Include the dates/times you are available for the shadowing experience.
  • You will be contacted to discuss your interests in public health and to set-up a date/time for you to shadow.