Welfare Department

The City of Nashua Welfare Department promotes, protects, and preserves the health and well-being of our community by helping individuals and families achieve self-sufficiency through direct assistance or referrals to community resources in order to meet basic needs. The goal of the Welfare Program is to have universal access for individuals and families to connect to necessary resources and services so everyone in our community can thrive and prosper.

How Does City Welfare Work?

The City of Nashua Welfare Department provides interim assistance for low income residents through a voucher system. Assistance is available with rent, food, utilities and medication. 

Each applicant will be interviewed confidentially to review household circumstances and eligibility for assistance. 

Applications are available during hours of operation (excluding holidays).

You must apply in person - no appointments are given over the phone.

Under NH Law RSA 165, every town and city in the State is mandated to relieve and maintain those in need and are required to have written guidelines to ascertain eligibility. If you do not live in Nashua, contact your local town office for information and assistance.

Guidelines & Standards

Assistance Programs 

Homelessness Assistance 

If you are experiencing homelessness in Nashua, you should contact the Coordinated Entry Line at 1-844-800-9911. They will complete an assessment and refer you to the appropriate agency for assistance. You may also contact NH 2-1-1 (Dial 211 in NH) for possible homeless resources outside of Nashua. 

Long Term Assistance
If you are seeking information on long term assistance programs such as Temporary Assistance To Needy Families (TANF), foster care, disability grants, Medicaid, nursing home care, elderly care, and the food stamp program you may contact the New Hampshire Dept. of Health and Human Services. If you live in the Greater Nashua Area, contact the State branch located in Nashua at 603-883-7726.

Entitlement Programs

For entitlement programs such as disability, Medicare, retirement benefits, and widow benefits contact the Social Security Administration at 800-772-1213 or visit their web page at Social Security Online.

If you are looking for information on other non-profit human service organizations within the greater Nashua area, you may contact the Greater Nashua Continuum of Care web page, which includes information on area homeless shelters, food pantries, mental health services etc.

If you are seeking information on obtaining unemployment compensation benefits, job re-training, current employment opportunities, and job search techniques you may contact the Department of Employment Security at 603-882-5177 or visit their web site at New Hampshire Employment Security Home Page.

Additional Information