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The Board of Registrars are responsible for the registration of voters for the City of Nashua as well as the maintenance of the voter checklist and preparation of the checklists for elections.

The mayor, subject to confirmation of the board of aldermen, shall appoint three voters of Nashua, who shall constitute a board of registrars of voters. No more than two members of the board shall be members of the same political party. [Ch. 29] The Board of Registrars of the city of Nashua is hereby empowered to appoint up to two deputy employees, who may execute any instrument required by law to be signed by a member of the board of registrars, and in the absence or disability of a member of the board of registrars, shall perform all of his duties, including the registration of voters.

The Board of Registrars are also empowered to appoint such temporary deputy registrars as they deem necessary. Such deputy registrars shall hold office during the pleasure of the board of registrars. [Ch. 30] The said board of registrars or their deputies shall be in session at the city hall building, or at such other suitable place as they shall designate, for the purpose of registering voters and revising and correcting the checklist, during business hours of city hall and at such other times as they may designate. [Ch. 30-a] The term ""supervisors of the checklist'' shall include any board of registrars or similar body performing the functions of registering voters and correcting the checklist in cities. [RSA 652:15]