Committees & Subcommittees

CTAB has established three standing committees and subcommittees.

Technical Subcommittee
The Technical Subcommittee chaired by Rick Farrenkopf, considers all technical issues, including the design and performance of the city’s community access television system and the technical interface to Comcast.

Education Committee
The Education Committee is chaired by Stacy Hynes. Ed Lecuis is the Cable Televison Advisory Board (CTAB) liaison to the E-Channel Committee. Minutes and Agendas.

CTAB Federal/state/industry Watch Subcommittee
Paul Johnson is the Chairman of this subcommittee. The Committee's purpose is to monitor, track and report on national, state and local legislative issues, FCC regulations, legal opinions, trends in franchise agreements, new technologies and services, and policy initiatives that will affect the Nashua market for Cable TV and similar or competitive technologies and services including Broadband, Satellite and IPTV. Minutes and Agendas. Specific issues get referred to and resolved by and through these subcommittees. The subcommittees meet on an ad hoc basis, and report monthly to CTAB. Subcommittee meetings are subject to the Right-to-Know law, RSA 91-A, and are open to the public.