Ralph Kelloway Jr.

Ralph Kelloway Jr. - Vice Chairman of Board
Elected January 2008, first term
Four Year Term ending 2016

Commissioner Kelloway is a lifelong native of Nashua and graduated from Nashua High class of 1972. Son of Retired Deputy Chief and former Fire Commissioner Ralph Kelloway Sr.

Commissioner Kelloway Jr. served with the Nashua Fire Rescue for over 28 1/2 years and retired at the rank of Lieutenant. During his service Kelloway served on the Haz Mat team and Dive Team. Kelloway also served as a President of the Nashua Firefighters Relief Association, Union Steward of Local 789 and a member of the Public Relations Committee.

Kelloway attended the New Hampshire Technical College, New Hampshire Fire Academy and International Fire Instructors program in Ashland, Massachusetts. Employed as a Pharmacy Technician at the Southern New Hampshire Medical Center and operates a Fire Department merchandise company.

Married for over 17 years and father to one son. Kelloway is also an active member of Box 52 Association, Fire and Iron Firefighters motorcycle club and an avid fireground photographer and videographer.
Ralph Kelloway Jr.