Behavioral Health Work Group

The Behavioral Health Work Group efforts focus on Suicide Prevention, Substance Misuse Prevention, and Mental Health.  As improvement initiatives are implemented, information and resources will be available on this page.


  • Local Substance Misuse Coalition representatives
  • Local medical providers
  • School Counselors/SAU representatives
  • Public Safety
  • Members from the New Hampshire branch of the National Alliance for the Mentally Ill
  • Peer groups and other community organizations
The work group goals are:
  • Increase awareness of suicide prevention, indicators, and prevention resources in the GNPHR.
  • Conduct a comprehensive analysis of the mental health system capacity in the GNPHR, including gaps/needs, identifying mental health resources, and indicating priority areas for improvement.
  • Decrease substance misuse in the GNPHR.

Lisa Vasquez
Substance Misuse Prevention Coordinator
City of Nashua
Division of Public Health and Community Services

Janail Archer
Substance Misuse Continuum Facilitator
City of Nashua
Division of Public Health and Community Services

Presentations & Resources

Mental Health Roundtable
The Mental Health Work Group held a roundtable event on May 14 2014 for school counselors, school nurses, and mental health providers. With a goal of assisting both school personnel and providers in gaining a better understanding of the roles and supports available for students and families managing mental health issues, the work group invited representatives from the region to meet, learn, network, and share their organizational practices. A video of this event is available to view.
Round table icon