Other Services

Hazardous Wastes
Due to their concentration or characteristics, these solid wastes may pose a substantial hazard to health or environment. Spill response and site assessment activities help ensure safer, conservation-oriented systems.

Housing Issues
Because insects and rodents can be carriers of disease-causing organisms, housing inspections focus on controlling them and reducing conditions that attract them such as improper trash disposal. Staff also assess living conditions such as:
  • Adequate food preparation and sanitary facilities
  • Compliance with structural and fire safety codes
  • The dwelling’s capacity to maintain optimum temperature and air quality
Rabies Control Program
Along with enforcing Rabies Control Act, staff is responsible for submittal and transfer of suspect specimens.

Radon Advisory
Radon is an odorless, colorless, radioactive gas and is second only to smoking as a respiratory health hazard.

Miscellaneous Concerns
Miscellaneous environmental concerns and complaints are also addressed.