Rules for Septage Disposal

Septage Hours
Monday - Friday
 7:00 a.m. - 3 p.m.
The disposal company must hold State of New Hampshire permit to perform septage disposal. An annual permit fee of $200 is payable to the City of Nashua, Nashua Wastewater Treatment Facility (NWTF) prior to the acceptance of septage.

  • Septage that requires special treatment or that causes problems will be rejected
  • Sampling and testing may be required prior to any septage discharge
  • Only sanitary waste from septic tanks located in the City of Nashua or the Town of Hudson will be accepted
  • Septage originating from an industry will not be accepted.
  • All septage haulers must sign in upstairs in the office (the main entrance and elevator must be used)
  • All load volumes are to be verified and checked by NWTF staff prior to discharging
  • All loads must be accompanied by a copy of the customer receipt including the following:
    • Proper company title of septage hauler must be on the receipt
    • Signature of driver
    • Name, address, phone number of customer
    • Date and time of pick-up
    • Quantity of each pick-up in gallons
  • Charge is $78.75 per 1,000 gallons of septage
  • Determined by the level of the sight tube on the truck
  • If the sight tube cannot be read, the tank will be considered full