Industrial Users

Are There Different Types of Industrial Users?
Yes! They are classified as Group I, II, III, and IV. The following explains how the industrial users are grouped:
  • Group I – Significant industrial users that are required to install and maintain industrial pretreatment systems, such as pH neutralization metal precipitation, solvent removal, ultra-filtration, metal reduction, etc. This group may include EPA categorical industries that are required to pretreat.
  • Group II – Significant industrial users that are not required to install pretreatment systems, but have been decided by the superintendent that they may have a significant impact on the POTW.
  • Group III – Non-significant industries that have low or non-toxic discharges. Includes photo-processors, printers, small volume dischargers, etc.
  • Group IV – Non-significant industries that have little or no impact on the POTW. No EPA categorical industries are within this group.