How to Ride

Here's a quick guide to get you started riding the bus. You can plan your trip using our Google Maps trip planner located under the slideshow on our homepage. To find full timetables, see our routes & schedules. If you ever need assistance or help planning your trip, you can call us at (603)880-0100 extension 1, and our dispatcher will assist you.

A passenger waits for the bus at a blue designated NTS bus stop sign

Wait for the bus

Arrive at your bus stop 5-10 minutes before the bus is expected to be there. The bus may run 5 or more minutes late depending on traffic and/or weather.

An NTS farebox located at the front entrance of the bus

Pay your bus fare

Deposit your fare in the fare box or present your pass to the driver. Cash fare is exact change only. See a full list of fare options including mobile payments!

Passenger holds a transfer slip, which allows them to transfer to the next available connecting bus

How to transfer

Transfers are FREE! If you need to transfer to the next scheduled bus, notify the driver when you first board. They will give you a transfer slip that is good for a limited amount of time. You will use that transfer as your fare when you board the next bus.

Two passengers sit quietly on the bus at a safe distance

Bus etiquette

Be respectful of other passengers and your driver by following the Passenger Code of Conduct.

Passenger pressing the yellow stop request strip located on the interior walls of the bus

Request your stop

When the bus is a block away from your desired stop, press the yellow stop strip located along the walls of the bus.

Passenger exiting the bus from the rear door and holding onto the handrail for safety

Safely exit the bus

Once the bus has stopped, exit through the rear door whenever possible. Never cross in front of the bus.

Need more assistance?

Call us! We're here to help! 603-880-0100 ext. 1 

We also offer complimentary travel training for individuals and groups through our Travel Training Program.