Kids Corner

Meet Milo!

Let me introduce myself. I’m Milo the Meerkat. You probably know that I’m a member of the opossum family, but did you know that I’m the Official Mascot and Spokeskat of the Nashua Transit System? That’s right!

Milo's Favorite Things

My favorite things to do are eating insects and digging holes. After that, I just love to ride the bus!

Riding the Bus is Fun

The people who work at Nashua Transit are very nice, but they have to spend a lot of time thinking about things like routes and schedules. I’m here to tell you how much fun it is to ride the bus! You get on the bus, sit back in your seat, watch the scenery go by, and the first thing you know, you’re where you want to go. No hassles!
Milo the Meerkat is Nashua Transit System's mascot
Milo's Typical Day
I take the Route 1 (PDF) bus to Greeley Park, where there are some tremendous anthills, and the Route 6 (PDF) bus to Roby Park, where I’ve dug some serious burrows (don’t tell the Parks guys...). All of the buses will take me to the Transit Center and the historic buildings downtown.

Hanging Out With Friends
When I want to hang out with my friends. I take the Route 2 (PDF), Route 6 (PDF) or Route 8 (PDF) bus to one of the malls. And in the summertime, we take the Route 9 (PDF) bus to Historic Holman Stadium to watch some baseball and the fireworks.

Trip Planning
It is so easy for my friends and I to figure out how to meet up together by using the trip planner on this website. I just type in where I am and where I want to go...and it tells me the best way to get there.

Visit Great Places
There are a lot of great places in Nashua you can get to on the Nashua Transit System. So take it from Milo - get on the bus! Once you start riding it, you’ll never want to stop. See you there!