Trash - Curbside Recycling

The Division of Public Works, Solid Waste Department provides a biweekly curbside collection of single stream recyclables on the same day as trash pickup. All recyclables can go into the same recycling bin or recycling cart. There is no need to separate recyclables. Recyclables can also be dropped off at the Nashua Recycling Center during normal business hours. With your help, we can keep recyclables out of the Four Hills Landfill and extend the life of the landfill for Nashua residents.

Important Recycling Information

You must place ONLY acceptable items (see link below) in the recycling bins or the bins will either not be emptied or the inappropriate items will be left curbside. The current recycling requirements have become more stringent, and the Nashua Solid Waste Department must process our recycling accordingly. NO food contaminated containers (such as pizza boxes with oil or cheese residue)  NO Styrofoam allowed and absolutely NO plastic bags of any kind!  Please see link below for more information.

Recycling Tips

  • Flatten cardboard and cut to 30 inches square; place between the 2 bins
  • Remove liners from cereal boxes, etc.
  • Staples, tape, glue and any papers that can tear are acceptable
  • Newspapers may be put into paper grocery bags for convenient storage and handling
  • Rinse all containers; labels may remain
Note: Two bins are provided by the Solid Waste Department, but residents may put out additional bins. These extra bins must have handles and be no taller than the recycling bins; barrels or plastic bags are not accepted as extra containers. 

Contact Us

Contact the Solid Waste Department at 603-589-3413 if you have any questions.