Residential Asbestos


The Solid Waste Department operates the Four Hills Landfill under the authority of Chapter 270 of the Nashua Revised Ordinances. Only material generated in Nashua may be deposited at the facility (unless a special waiver is granted by the Superintendent / Board of Public Works).

Handling of Asbestos Materials

Asbestos Containing Material (ACM) must be handled according to the regulations of the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services. Please refer to the Department of Environmental Services website or the Environmental Protection Agency website for help. The regulations are intended to prevent fibers from becoming air-borne. Asbestos handling, packaging, transporting and disposal are strictly regulated by federal and state rules. The Four Hills Landfill may accept asbestos from sites in Nashua, with the following requirements:

Single Family-Owner Occupied Residential Property Owners

Are allowed to bring asbestos from their home to the Landfill for disposal, under the following guidelines:

Packaging Requirements

The material must be packaged in double impermeable plastic bags or sheeting of at least 6 millimetres thickness, securely sealed with tape, and labeled as follows:

  • Danger
  • Contains Asbestos Fibers / Avoid Creating Dust
  • Cancer and Lung Disease Hazard
  • Name of Homeowner / Address of Source Site
  • Date

Call the Solid Waste Department at least 24 hours prior to delivery, for disposal approval, deliver the ACM before noon, Monday through Friday

Note: The Request for Approval to Dispose of Asbestos Material From a Residential Property Form (PDF) must be completed in entirety before waiver can be considered.


The Solid Waste Department requires completion and approval of the Disposal of Asbestos Material Request be received and 24 hour prior notification of delivery (Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.) be given before the Asbestos is brought to the Solid Waste Department at Four Hills Landfill