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January 8, 2019 Rescue, 2 Court Street Nashua Public Library

Prepared by: Deputy Chief GLEN J MACDONALD

Incident type: Rescue
Incident date: 01/08/2019
​​Time of Incident: 1504
Incident Location: 2 COURT ST NASHUA PUBLIC LIBRARY Incident Commander: Deputy Chief Glen MacDonald
Number of NFR Engines in response: 1
Number of NFR Ladder trucks in response: 1
Other NFR apparatus in response: Deputy Chief, Safety Officers
Number of NFR personnel in response: 12
First NFR unit on scene: Deputy Chief (C-4)

​ Nashua Fire Rescue responded to the end of Pearson Avenue for a report of a water rescue. When we arrived we found a female out of the water, down an embankment at the edge of the Nashua River. It appeared that the patient had slid down the embankment. We assisted the Police in getting a floatation devise down to her. A firefighter lowered himself down a rope to do a patient assessment and apply a harness on the patient. Crews set up a hauling system to get the patient up the embankment. The patient was loaded into an ambulance and transported to a local hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

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