Drivers Under Age 18

Vehicle Registration
The State Of New Hampshire requires that an authorization certificate (RSA 641:3) be signed by a parent or guardian (Form DSMV 38 (PDF)) or in the event there is no parent or guardian assigned or applicable, another responsible adult. For more information, see Under Age 18 Registration (RSA261:53). This applies to regular Driver's Licenses.

Obtaining a Drivers License
You are able to obtain a driver's license. However you must attend an approved driver education course that consists of both classroom instruction and behind-the-wheel driver training of not less than 10 hours.

Additional Driving Time
A person under the age of 18 also needs to have 20 hours of additional driving experience/or time under the supervision of a licensed parent or guardian (RSA 641:3) (PDF). For more information, visit the Under Age 18 Drivers License (RSA263:19) page.