Automated Collection Program

How Does the Automated Collection Program Work?
  • Regular household trash must be placed in bags inside the cart.
  • Please do not overload cart.
  • When the cart is full, the lid should be kept closed to control odors and animals.
  • Carts must be wheeled out to the curb no earlier than 24 hours before collection day, and by 6:45 a.m. on the scheduled collection day.
  • Grasp the handle and tilt the cart toward you; push or pull the cart to roll it; handle the cart with care on slopes, inclines or steps.
  • Keep each cart at least 3 feet from other objects, including other carts, recycling bins, utility poles, mailboxes, etc.
  • Keep at least 10 feet between the cart and a parked car.
  • Clear ice and snow from a space at the curb for the cart and bins after a storm.
  • Remove cart from street at the end of the collection day.
  • Please avoid these common problems:
    • Multiple carts placed too close together (separate by at least 3 feet)
    • Carts too close to mailboxes or utility poles (keep at least 3 feet away)
    • Recycling bins or soft yard waste barrels/bags too close to cart (separate by at least 3 feet, or put on opposite side of driveway)