Department Profile

Nashua, NH is a city of 87,000 residents, located along the banks of the Merrimack and Nashua Rivers at the southern border of the state. There are many factories and several large old mill buildings located along these two rivers. The city is approximately 36 square miles in size, and bordered by the towns of Merrimack, Hollis, and Hudson, NH, as well as Tyngsboro and Dunstable, MA. The F.E. Everett Turnpike (Route 3) runs through the middle of the city. This 6-lane highway keeps Nashua Fire Rescue very busy with accidents and other calls. One of the busiest airports in the state, Nashua Municipal Airport, is located in the northwest part of the city. The fire department provides crash-fire-rescue protection to the Nashua Airport.

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Important Landmarks

Some important landmarks, industries, and points of interest in Nashua include:
  • 2 colleges
  • 2 hospitals
  • F.A.A. Regional Air Traffic Control Center
  • Large railroad switching yard
  • Several buildings owned by BAE Systems (located in the south and north ends of the city)
Apartment and condominium complexes are spread throughout the city. There are also many shopping malls. The Pheasant Lane Mall is the biggest, with one million square feet of retail space under one roof.

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Nashua Fire Rescue, under the direction of Fire Chief Brian Rhodes commanding a fire fighting force of 176 career members, with the following command structure:
  • 1 Chief
  • 1 Assistant Chief
  • 4 Deputy Chiefs
  • 7 Captains
  • 29 Lieutenants
  • 112 Firefighters
The Safety/Training division is staffed by Captain of Training, Glen Nielsen, Lieutenant of Training James Bollenger, and Administrative Assistant Moriah Ferguson. The Superintendent of Fire Alarm is Jeremy Audette. The division is also staffed by an Assistant Superintendent, and 12 dispatchers. The Superintendent of the Mechanical Division is Nicholas Stepney and the division consists of an Assistant Superintendent, Randy Catudal, and a Mechanic . The Fire Marshal's office is staffed with Fire Marshal Adam Pouliot, Inspector/Investigator Mark Rapaglia, Inspector/Investigator David Perault, and Administrative Assistant Roberta Schelberg. All members below the rank of Deputy Chief are represented by Local # 789 of the International Association of Firefighters.

Hydrant System

94% of the city is protected by a hydrant system. This system is owned and maintained by the Pennichuck Water Works Company. American Medical Response (AMR) provides private EMS service to the city with three advanced life support ambulances. The fire department responds to most medical emergencies with an engine or ladder company to begin primary care.

Alarm Division & Communications Center

The Fire Alarm Division and Communications Center is located at the intersection of Lake and Chestnut Streets and is staffed 24 hours a day by 3 Fire Alarm Operators. This is the old quarters of Engine and Ladder Company 2. The building was renovated for the Fire Alarm Office in 1999, after Engine and Ladder Company 2 were relocated to their current house at 177 Lake Street, on the corner of Linwood Street. A Gamewell Class B municipal fire alarm system monitors the city's 850 street and master boxes. Tappers are located in each of the city's firehouses. The department operates an 800 Mhz digital radio system, and simulcasts on 151.250 Mhz. All of Nashua Fire Rescue apparatus also operate Mobile Data Terminals.

First Alarm Responses

All first alarm responses receive two engine companies, one aerial Company, and the Deputy Chief. Confirmed working fire responses allow for an additional Engine and Aerial. Still alarms are assigned one engine company or one engine and one ladder company (for car and dumpster fires or water problems). Nashua Fire Rescue is the regional hazmat response team for the Soughegan Valley. In 2005 Nashua Fire Rescue established an emergency dive team and works in conjunction with the Nashua Police department for recovery.