Bid Results

Note: Bid results will remain on this page for a minimum of 3 months.
Bid/Proposal Number Deadline Closing Date Bid Summary
Awarded to Date


Riverfront Lighting Installation

 July 6, 2020

Moulison LLC   

Biddeford, ME


Dagle Electrical Construction

Plaistow, NH


Guardian Energy Management

Marlborough, MA



Pavement Markings Program

June 5, 2020  Hi-Way Safety Systems, Inc.
Rockland, MA
$301, 070

Markings, Inc.
Pembroke, MA
Not Opened - Not an acceptable Bid.  Due to City Hall closure Bid was requested via Email or Bid Express.  This was mailed to our office. 
 Awarded 6/17/20                     to Hi-Way Safety Systems, Inc. of Rockland, MA
NPD PVS14 MNVD (Monocular Night Vision Devices)
May 15, 2020  Kiesler Police Supply, Inc
Jeffersonville, IN
$3,531 each

Botach Inc.
Las Vegas, NV
$3,531 each or $35,310 for a qty of 10

Apache Industries
Springerville, AZ
$2,070 each or $20,700 for qty of 10

LCEO, LLC Own The Night
Waterford, NY
Option 1 - $4,455 each or $31,235 for qty of 7 
Option 2 - $3,275 each or $22,985 for qty of 7 

Northbrook, IL
$2,300 each or $23,000 for qty of 10

Mile High Shooting Accessories
Erie, CO
$3,359 each

Ridgeline Outfitters LLC
Dalton, NH
$3,300 each
Option 1 Mount is $311.19 each

US Night Vision Corp
Roseville, CA
$3,349 each
Option 1 Mount is $320 each
Bid for 7 is $23,443
$65 for Shipping and Insurance
Total all inclusive $25,748

Maxa Vision Technologies
Jupiter, FL
Option 1 $27,810 for 7 or $3,972.86 each
Option 2 $31,760 for 8 or $3,970.00 each
Option 3 $35,710 for 9 or $3,967.78 each 
Option 3 $39,660 for 10 or $3,960.00 each
2020 Sidewalk Program 
May 15, 2020  RWC Enterprises
Nashua, NH
Awarded 6/3/20 to RWC Enterprises of Nashua, NH 
2020 Pavement Preservation Program 
May 15, 2020 Sealcoating Inc. DBA indus
Braintree, MA

Superior Sealcoat Inc.
Wilmington, MA

Awarded 6/3/20 to Sealcoating Inc. DBA indus of Braintree, MA 
2020 Nashua Master Plan 
February 14, 2020  vhb
Bedford, NH

Plymouth, NH

Civic Moxie
Brookline, MA

Interface Studio LLC
Philadelphia, PA

utile Architecture & Planning
Boston, MA

McCabe Enterprises Team
Boston, MA

Stantec Consulting Services Inc.
Boston, MA

TPUDC (Town Planning and Urban Design Collaborative LLC)
Franklin, TN
Parking Garage Maintenance Program 
October 25, 2019  Walker Consultants
Nashua, NH

The H.L. Turner Group Inc.
Concord, NH

Hoyle Tanner
Manchester, NH

Thornton Tomasetti, Inc./Becker Structural Engineers Inc.
Portland, ME

Desman Design Management
Boston, MA

DuBois & King Inc.
Bedford, NH
Municipal Towing Services
June 12, 2019
Broadside Collision
Nashua, NH

1st Priority Towing & Recovery
Nashua, NH

D & R Towing
Nashua, NH

5 Star Towing
Nashua, NH

Nashua Towing And Recovery Association
Nashua, NH

Nashua Pedestrian Bridge Ramp Design Services Project 
January 28, 2019  Tighe & Bond
Portsmouth, NH

DuBois & King
Bedford, NH