Bid Results

Note: Bid results will remain on this page for a minimum of 3 months.
Bid/Proposal Number Deadline Closing Date Bid Summary
Awarded to Date
FY19 Winter Road Maintenance Sand 
October 17, 2018  Plourde Sand & Gravel Co., Inc.
Suncook, NH
$15.04 per ton delivered
$  8.49 per ton picked up

Northeast Sand & Gravel
Amherst, NH
$11.25 per ton delivered
$  6.25 per ton picked up

Granite State Concrete, Inc.
Milford, NH
$12.20 per ton delivered
$  7.50 per ton picked up

Leighton H. White
Milford, NH
$14.95 per cubic yard delivered
$  7.95 per cubic yard picked up

Brox Industries, Inc.
Dracut, MA
$18.50 per ton delivered
$14.50 per ton picked up

F.L. Merrill Construction/Pembroke Sand & Gravel
Loudon, NH
$13.79 per ton delivered
$  5.80 per ton picked up

Waste Booster Station Upgrades
October 11, 2018  T-Buck Construction, Inc
Turner, ME

DeFelice Corporation
Dracut, MA

Waterline Industries Corporation
Seabrook, NH

WWTF Door Upgrades Project 
September 13, 2018  Berkeley Building Company
Reading, MA

Paxor Constrution, LLC
Merrimack, NH

Paxor Construction, LLC
Merrimack, NH

Energy Recovery Upgrade 
September 6, 2018  Engineered Construction Services
Brentwood, NH
Items 1 & 2 $2,829,501
Items 1 thru 3 $3,127,796

Methuen Construction Company, Inc.
Plaistow, NH
Items 1 & 2 $1,767,378
Items 1 thru 3 $1,787,378
Performing Arts Center Architectural & Engineering Services
August 29, 2018
Boston, MA partnering with 
Dennis Mires, P.A
Manchester, NH

gba Architecture & Planning
Montpelier, VT

Marvel Architects
New York, NY

Bread Loaf Corporation
Middlebury, VT

Elkus Manfredi Architects
Boston, MA

New York, NY

KMW Architecture
Roxbury, MA

Auburn, ME

Bruner Cott & Associates
Cambridge, MA

Icon Architecture
Boston, MA

Epstein Joslin Architects
Cambridge, MA

Machado Silvetti
Boston, MA (Not an acceptable Bid. Did not sign and return the Addendum.)

Performing Arts Center Construction Management Services
August 29, 2018
 Consigli Construction Company
Milford, MA

Harvey Construction Corporation

Bedford, NH

Engelberth Construction
Concord, NH (Not an acceptable Bid. Did not sign and return the Addendum.)

J M Coull
Maynard, MA

North Branch Construction
Concord, NH

Windover Corporation
Beverly, MA

Bread Loaf Corporation
Middlebury, VT

Hudson, OH

Eckman Construction
Bedford, NH

Fulcrum Associates
Amherst, NH

Bonnette, Page & Stone
Laconia, NH

Downtown Wayfinding Package Installation
August 10, 2018  W Davis
Hampton, NH

Barlo Signs
Hudson, NH

Ryco Industries
Manchester, NH
Board of Public Works Retirement System 
August 1, 2018  Hooker & Holcombe
West Hartford, CT

Wells Fargo
Minneapolis, MN

Dallas, TX
Design/Build - Fuel Island Ugrade 
August 1, 2018  D.L. King
Nashua, NH

North Andover, MA

Stephens-Marquis Associates, Inc.
Merrimack, NH
Enviro Trac
North Andover, MA 
Public Health Building Renovation 
July 31, 2018  Dennis Mires, P.A. The Architects
Manchester, NH

Fitzemeyer & Tocci Associates, Inc.
Woburn, MA

NorthPoint Construction, LLC
Hudson, NH
Not an acceptable Bid.  Did not sign and return either of the Addendums 
Renovations to Treasurer/Tax Office and City Hall Front Entry 
June 25, 2018  D.L. King & Associates, Inc.
Nashua, NH
$163,059 Includes Alternate Costs and P&P Bond 

Avatar Construction
Salem, NH
$205,000 Base Bid
$254,641 Includes Alternate Costs 

Berkeley Building Company
Portsmouth, NH
$151,597 Base Bid
$194,261 Includes Alternate Costs with Ceiling Tile & Grid

Design/Build Nashua River Fountains & Lighting Installation 
June 12, 2018  Stellos Electric
Nashua, NH

Mordecai Veldt
Nashua, NH
40 Pine Street Residential Development
December 1, 2017  Neighbor Works Southern New Hampshire
Manchester, NH 
School Street Lot Development
March 30,2017
Lansing Melbourne Group
Fort Lauderdale, FL