Tax Billing Update

Bills in the Mail

The City has recently mailed the 2017 July property tax bills. Most property owners should have received them on or about May 17, 2017. Anyone who has not received a bill is asked to contact the Tax Office at 603-589-3190. We will promptly provide you with a duplicate copy.

Mailing Service

To avoid a short wait in line, Taxpayers are encouraged to use the mail in service. A paid receipt will be returned in your self-addressed stamped envelope once the collection season has passed. A cancelled check or mortgage statement will also suffice as a receipt for federal tax purposes.

Bill Payments

Payments to the City must be postmarked by July 3, 2017 in order to avoid the accrual of 12% interest thereafter. The amount owed for the July tax bill is based on half of the Real Estate Tax Rate for the calendar year 2016. The Real Estate Tax Rate for the calendar year 2016 was set at $25.07.