The Architect

Ralph Adams Cram
American architect Ralph Adams Cram (1863-1942), who was born in Hampton Falls, New Hampshire, designed the Hunt Memorial Library Building. In New Hampshire. He also:
  • Designed the Chapel for Phillips Exeter
  • Renovated the Chapel of St. Peter and St. Paul at St. Paul's School in Concord, New Hampshire
  • Designed St. John the Divine in New York City
  • Designed the Chapel at West Point
  • Designed other collegiate and ecclesiastic buildings
Perhaps his greatest impact was upon the campus of Princeton University, where he served as their first Consulting Architect from 1907 to 1929 and oversaw the design and construction of 25 buildings.

Architecture of Ralph Adams Cram & His Office Book
For more on the life and work of Ralph Adams Cram, see Ethan Anthony's new book: Architecture of Ralph Adams Cram and His Office, ISBN: 0-393-73104-9, 160 pages, 200 b&w illustrations, April, 2007. Ethan Anthony is president of Cram and Ferguson, and lives in Boston, Massachusetts.

Cram & Ferguson's Hunt Memorial Building
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