Benefits & Projects

Participants can obtain valuable in-depth experience in emergency management and other related fields. In addition, interns will:
  • Work with experienced professionals in the field of emergency management and public safety
  • Contribute to innovative projects
  • Get relevant experience for resume building
  • Develop confidence walking into an interview with numerous examples to use
  • Obtain a greater understanding of career possibilities and areas of interest
  • Gain marketability for employment opportunities after graduation
Some examples of projects interns can work on:
  • Attend training and education programs provided at the Emergency Operations Center
  • Write, coordinate, and facilitate exercises in the Emergency Operations Center for multiple agencies and jurisdictions
  • Assist emergency management personnel in responding to emergencies and disasters throughout the County
  • Develop and coordinate the emergency planning activities of the City of Nashua Government
  • Strengthen the persons with special needs / functional needs program
  • Review of hospital, healthcare, assisted living facility and nursing home plans, policies and procedures
  • Research of potential programs for the office in preparedness and planning
  • Development of special event activities to build “culture of preparedness” in the City
  • Development of public awareness materials and programs
  • Shelter management plans review and consolidation
  • Commodities Points of Distribution (CPOD) agreements and networking
  • Create after action reports for exercises using the Department of Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program (HSEEP)
  • Develop job lists and check sheet required during activation of the Emergency Operations Center
  • Understanding of homeland security and emergency management principles through real life experience
  • Participate in and provide input on regional response plans and committees
  • Participate in drills throughout the City of Nashua and the region to build knowledge in emergency management
  • Work with mitigation specialists to develop project list for vulnerable properties
  • Assist the Office of Emergency Management with building relationship between private and public partnerships