Housing Programs (CDBG & HOME)

Contractor Pre-Qualification List
If you would like to pre-qualify to bid on the City's federally funded projects, please complete the required forms and submit to our office in the Community Development Division at City Hall, 229 Main Street, Nashua, NH 03060. Contractors on the list will be notified of upcoming Housing and facility improvement projects. Enrollment for the pre-qualification list is open at all times. Download the required forms (PDF). You also need to complete an IRS W-9 Form (PDF). Minority and/or woman owned businesses as well as Section 3 businesses are encouraged to participate. If you need assistance completing the forms, please contact our office.

Housing Programs
There are 2 affordable housing programs offered through the Urban Programs Department.

Housing Improvement Program

This program offers no interest (0%) loans to low-income home owners to address health and safety issues. The property must be owner-occupied and have no more than four units. The complete program guidelines can be found by clicking on the link below.
Affordable Rental Housing Programs
Using HOME funds, the City works with property owners, non-profits, developers and others to finance a portion of the acquisition, construction and/or rehabilitation costs in affordable housing projects. The HOME program requires a 25% match to the total HOME investment. For example, if the City allocates $100,000 in HOME funds, the owner must provide at least $25,000 in private funds.

HOME funds come with certain restrictions, including long-term affordability, rent restrictions and housing quality standards. Recognizing that private lenders may not favor the profit ratio for affordable housing projects, the HOME program is designed to fill that gap. The City encourages development of low-income housing throughout the city, especially outside of the downtown area. For additional information, please explore the links below: