CDBG & HOME Program Plans/Documents

Plans/Documents Related to CDBG & HOME Programs

NEW: Draft CAPER (end of year report) for HUD programs available for public comment. Please address public comments to: CAPER Comments; Urban Programs Department; ATTN: Carrie Schena, Urban Programs Manager; City Hall; Nashua, NH 03061. All comments must be received by 4:00pm on September 28, 2017 to be included.

The Draft Annual Action Plan (FY18 CDBG/HOME activities) is available for a 30-day comment period.  The Action Plan describes the activities and goals for the CDBG and HOME programs, as well as other HUD grants that benefit low-moderate income individuals. See below to submit comments.  Click here for the document

Draft Citizen Participation Plan - The City is amending its Citizen Participation that was previously adopted in 2010.  The HUD regulations were recently updated to include new community participation requirements for developing an Assessment of Fair Housing (an Assessment of Fair Housing is a new HUD requirement that replaces the Analysis of Impediments to Fair Housing). Public comment will be accepted until 4:00 pm on February 14, 2017 (or at least 14 days following publication of this notice).  

All comments must be submitted in writing or emailed to:
Urban Programs Department
Attn: Carrie Schena
229 Main Street Nashua, NH 03061 

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