Nashua International Sculpture Symposium

Nashua International Sculpture Symposium

July 23, 2020 - The show must go on!! Nashua International Sculpture Symposium is pleased to announce the 13th annual Nashua International Sculpture Symposium Opening on August 20th.

The 2020 Symposium sculptors are Taylor Apostol from MA, Kelly Cave from PA and Elijah Ober from ME.  They all live within a day's drive from Nashua and each will self-quarantine for two weeks before arriving in Nashua.  

As in past years, the sculptors will work outside. The public is welcome with masks and social distancing to visit the sculptors at the Picker Artists Studios at 3 Pine Street as they work Monday through Saturday, 10:00am to 4pm from Monday August 24th through Friday September 4th.

The sculptors will work at the final site from Saturday September 5th to the Closing on September 12th. The Symposium culminates with the Closing on Saturday, September 12th. 

The symposium is an annual community event designed to elevate the awareness and appreciation of public art in Nashua.  More information on past symposiums, can be found online.

Taylor Apostol, MA

Taylor Apostol headshot

Kelly Cave, PA

Kelly Cave headshot

Elijah Ober, ME

Elijah Ober headshot