What are the Structural Loads for Nashua?

Snow Loads
At an elevation of 400 feet, Nashua’s ground snow load is 60 pounds per square foot (psf). Design snow loads on roofs are determined by multiplying the ground snow load by a series of modification factors specified in ASCE 7 and the building code.

Wind Load

The basic wind load is 100 mph for a 3-second gust. Reference IBC 2006, Figure 1609.

Seismic Load
The maximum considered earthquake ground motion for Site Class B:
  • The 0.2 second spectral response acceleration is 40% g. Reference IBC 2006, Fig.1613.5(1)
  • The 1.0 second spectral response acceleration is 10% g. Reference IBC 2006, Fig. 1613.5(2)
Frost Line
Frost penetration shall be considered to extend to a minimum of 48” below grade

Rainfall Intensity
 The 100 year, 1-hour rainfall is 2.5 inches Reference. IPC 2006, Figure 1106.1.