Building Safety Department

Mission Statement

The primary mission of the Department of Building Safety is to safeguard the public, promote the health, safety and welfare of the City of Nashua through the fair and equal administration of the building codes of the State of New Hampshire and the City of Nashua.  
The Department of Building Safety is committed to providing quality services in a professional manner through equitable treatment of all applicants for permits, inspections, information and to provide assistance to other departments, boards and commissions.

The Building Safety Department accepts permit applications for review and approval of construction documents including building, electrical, mechanical, and plumbing plans. The Department is responsible for conducting inspections on permitted work.
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City of Nashua Improvement Permit GIS Map

Want to know what construction is going on in your city? The Department of Building Safety's GIS Map can help.
GIS Projects Map shows current permits and permits for the past three years.

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