Vital Records

Access to a NH Vital Record

New Hampshire is a "Closed Record" State, which means that only certain individuals have access to birth, death, marriage or divorce records. Access is granted to the individual the record belongs to, their immediate family members or someone who establishes a direct and tangible interest in the record. If you have questions about access to a vital record please contact the City Clerk's Office.

The following records may be obtained through any city or town clerk in the state of New Hampshire: 

 • NH Birth records from: 1935 to the present (except 1949 and 1950)
 • NH Death records from: 1965 to the present
 • NH Marriage records from: 1960 to the present
 • NH Divorce records from: 1979 to the present

All other records must be requested at the town or city in which the event occurred.

Obtaining a NH Vital Record

In order to obtain certified copies of vital records (births, deaths, marriages or civil unions) in person or by mail, you must complete an application to the City Clerk, present positive identification, and pay a state search fee of $15 for the first copy and $10 of any additional copies of the same record ordered at the same time. Please be advised that this search fee is payable even if a record is not found.

Online orders for certified copies of vital records for events that occurred in Nashua are available through VitalChek.

Applying For a Marriage License 

The license fee is $50 and the license is valid for 90 days from the date of filing. To file for a marriage license, both parties must appear in person at the City Clerk’s Office and provide the following documents:

  • A certified long-form birth certificate showing parents information which includes full name, place of birth and a file date.  If a legal name change was issued after the birth, need a certified copy of the legal name change. If you were naturalized and changed your name, we will also need to see your naturalization certificate.  This is to help stay in compliance with the Real ID as well as to make sure all information is correct on the marriage license. 
  • Government issued photo identification (i.e. driver's license, passport)

Additional Requirements:

  • Documents that are not in English must be accompanied by a translation that has been signed by the translator and the translator’s signature witnessed by a notary. The individual doing the translation cannot notarize their own signature.
  • If applicant is widowed: a certified copy of a death certificate of a former spouse
  • If the applicant is divorced: a certified or absolute copy of a final divorce decree
  • If the applicant’s previous marriage or civil union was annulled: a certified or absolute copy of an annulment decree, 
  • If the applicant's previous civil union was dissolved: a certified or absolute copy of a civil union dissolution

The City Clerk’s Office is available for marriage licenses from 8:00am to 4:00pm Monday to Friday.  

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