Guidelines for Material Use

  1. Due to preservation concerns, food and drink are not permitted in the research area.
  2. Bags, briefcases, and coats are not permitted in the research area. These shall be checked in with the City Clerk's staff before records are brought out for the researcher's use. This is a security measure and your cooperation is appreciated.
  3. The City Clerk's Office maintains closed stacks. Users will request the materials and an employee will bring it to them.
  4. Keep the records in their present arrangement; loose pages will stay in order if turned like pages in a book.
  5. Please only use one folder, book or binder of materials at a time.
  6. To preserve the originals for future use, please make no marks or erasures or other changes in the records.
  7. Due to the risk of inadvertent damage to documents, use of ink is prohibited; please take notes in pencil.
  8. Photocopying is permitted unless the item is fragile, exceptionally valuable, or too large. When allowed, it is limited to single copies for the user's reference use only. Ask an employee for assistance.
  9. The user agrees to give the City Clerk a complimentary copy of any publication relying heavily on its collections.
  10. Citations should follow this format: identification of item, name of collection, Nashua, New Hampshire, City Archives.
  11. Research shall be conducted in the Clerk's conference room. Additional security may be warranted for fragile, one-of-a-kind, or historically significant materials. In such case, a researcher may be asked to conduct his or her research in the presence of an employee. Your cooperation is appreciated.
  12. The reader must read and sign a form before using the records. By signing this form, the user acknowledges responsibility to observe the above guidelines. These policies apply only to the Office of the City Clerk and for other departmental records that may be in the custody of the City Clerk.