Town Records

Records of town or city actions, tax inventories and other town or city information are found in each city or Town Clerk's Office. Town Charters recorded by the Provincial Government or the Masonian Proprietors are in the NH Records and Archives Center and are published in NH Provincial and State Papers, Volumes 11, 12, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28. Some towns have the original charter and a few are in the NH Historical Society and other libraries.

Some towns have deposited their early records in the NH Historical Society or the NH State Library. Early town records were copied, by order of the legislature, and are in the NH State Library. There is a comprehensive name index. These are also available on microfilm.

Warnings Out are available in the NH Records and Archives Center. The NH Historical Society has a name index. This is a term used in the early days of town settlement for documents prepared by town officials to relieve the town of responsibility if the settler became a pauper.