Research Aids

If you are aware of government-sponsored, online genealogical resources, please notify us and we will add those sites to this page.

The following sources pertaining to the early history of the state and the establishment of its towns and counties will be helpful.

Books, Magazines & More

  • Sanborn, F.B. New Hampshire, an epitome of popular government. Houghton, 1904.
  • NH Secretary of State. Manual for the General Court. Issued biennially.
  • NH Provincial and State Papers . 40 vol. The State, 1867 - 1940. Titles of volumes vary.
  • Index to the Laws of New Hampshire, 1679 - 1883. John B. Clarke, 1886. Gives dates of grant or incorporation, and references from old names to present names of towns.
  • NH Historical Society. Family Names in New Hampshire Town Histories. (Historical New Hampshire, December, 1946)
  • Laird C. Towle's New Hampshire Genealogical Research Guide (Prince George's County Genealogical Society, 1973) is an excellent handbook on methods of genealogical research.

Online Resources