Polling Locations & Ward Information

Where Do I Vote?
If you are not sure what ward you live in or where you need to go vote, please click on the State of New Hampshire Voter Information Look-up.   This will provide you with your ward number, polling location, address and polling hours for any election that is scheduled.  

Polling Locations - Open 6:00 a.m. until 8:00 p.m.

 The following are the polling locations for each ward:

  • Ward 1: Broad Street Elementary School, 390 Broad Street
  • Ward 2: Charlotte Avenue Elementary School, 48 Charlotte Avenue
  • Ward 3: Amherst Street Elementary School, 71 Amherst Street
  • Ward 4: Ledge Street Elementary School, 139 Ledge Street
  • Ward 5: Main Dunstable Elementary School, 20 Whitford Road
  • Ward 6: Fairgrounds Middle School, 27 Cleveland Street
  • Ward 7: Dr. Normand Crisp Elementary School, 50 Arlington Street
  • Ward 8: Bicentennial Elementary School, 296 East Dunstable Road
  • Ward 9: New Searles Elementary School, 39 Shady Lane

View a City Ward Map (PDF) for more information.

Street Lists - City Wards
The following is a list of streets (and house numbers, if applicable) for city wards:

Voting Locations Map

View a City Ward Map (PDF) for more information.

Access an interactive map of voting locations from Nashua GIS.