November 2, 2021 Municipal General Election

Issuance of Petitions:  Petitions for the November 2, 2021 Municipal General Election may be downloaded and printed utilizing the links below. Copies will also be available in the City Clerk's Office beginning on Monday, June 7, 2021. Please note the Clerk's Office has temporarily relocated to the auditorium on the third floor of city hall. Petitions for nominations for ward offices must be signed by registered voters residing in the candidate’s ward.  

Filing Period

August 24, 2021 - September 3, 2021 is the filing period for candidates for Board of Aldermen, Board of Education, Board of Public Works, Fire Commission, Moderators, Ward Clerks and Selectmen. Drawings for positions on the ballot will be held on Tuesday, September 7, 2021, at 3:00 p.m. in the Aldermanic Chambers.

A list of the names and addresses of those candidates who have filed for office will be available online beginning August 24, 2021. Candidates in a "petitions verified" status have met the requirements necessary to have their names on the ballots. Candidates in a "pending" status denotes that petitions have been received and are in the process of being verified by the City Clerk.

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New Voter Registration

The City Clerk’s Office is pleased to announce that the office will be open for all transactions beginning June 7, 2021 between the hours of 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM. Online appointment scheduling is also available for new voter registration and name, address, and party affiliation changes. If you need assistance, please contact us at (603) 589-3010 option 5.

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Municipal Campaign Receipt & Expenditure Reports

Listed below are the reports for campaign receipts and expenditures for the first and second reporting.  Forms are also available in the City Clerk’s Office.  Candidates can either mail, fax to 603-589-3029 or email to cityclerkdept@nashuanh.gov their completed reports. 

2019 Municipal General Election - First Report Campaign Receipts

2019 Municipal General Election - First Report Campaign Expenditures

2019 Municipal General Election - Second Report Campaign Receipts

2019 Municipal General Election - Second Report Campaign Expenditures

Incumbent Filings: June 1 & December 1

City ordinances require that "any officeholder" shall inform the City Clerk of any position as a board trustee or like that he or she is involved in on June 1st of each calendar year (NRO 5-98.c.5). In addition, holders of the offices of Mayor, Alderman at Large, Ward Alderman, Board of Education, Fire Commissioner, and Public Works Commission shall file a statement semiannually "showing any income...received from testimonials, gifts, honorariums, donations, or any other source, when the receipt of such income is attributable to the office held by the official. This report shall not include campaign contributions, income received by the official in his regular course of employment or business or salary, mileage, or expense payments made to the official by the City for performance of official duties for the calendar year." For testimonials, each elected official shall disclose the total amount of income received, the expenses of holding the testimonial, and the testimonial net income raised after paying those expenses (NRO 23-22 through 23-24).

If the information requested in the body of the report form does not apply, denote: “$0,” “Not Applicable,” or “N/A.”  

Campaign Finance Ordinance

Access city election campaign finance reports from 2005 to present

Additional Voter & Election Information

The conservation of the City’s oldest voter checklists was made possible through funds received from the sale of the New Hampshire Moose Conservation License Plate and administered by the New Hampshire State Library, a Division of the New Hampshire Department of Cultural Resources. The original manuscripts are maintained by the Nashua City Clerk. Microfilm and digitized copies of these checklists have been provided to the Nashua Public Library, New Hampshire State Library, and New Hampshire Division of Archives and Records Management. These checklists pre-date the adoption of the 19th Amendment to the Constitution (1920) which gave women the right to vote, nationally, and the 1915 City Charter provision which gave women the right to vote in elections for the Board of Education.

Voter Information Lookup - Office of the Secretary of State

If you want to track your absentee ballot, check your party affiliation, check your polling place, you can visit the State of New Hampshire Voter Information Look-Up Tool. This information is refreshed nightly.