Edgewood Cemetery

The 33 acres of The Edgewood Cemetery provides a scenic and tranquil resting place for families from all religious backgrounds and all walks of life. With over 100 years of service to the community we are ready to offer assistance to bereaved families in a thoughtful and caring way.

Whether a cremation lot or a more traditional grave space most lots now available will allow for a monument. Cremation lots will allow either a monument or a flat marker. Each full grave space purchased allows a flat marker and on lots of 2 graves or more a monument is also allowed.

Flowers may be planted and most lots also allow shrubs. Annual flowers are grown in our own greenhouses for Memorial Day planting. Plants for the cemetery may be purchased or we can plant them for you. “Flower bonds” may be purchased which provide for Memorial Day planting in perpetuity. Contact the cemetery office for more information.

Purchasing a Lot
Lots are currently available for purchase for the interment of casketed or cremated remains. Persons desiring to purchase cemetery space should contact the cemetery office to make an appointment, residency is not required. Our staff will assist you in selecting the size lot to meet your needs and show you what is available. Time payments are not available and all lots must be paid prior to making any interments. A partial price list is below for your information. Please contact the cemetery office for a complete price listing and with any questions you may have.

Grave Spaces

Lot Size
Single Grave
Flush Memorial Only
Two-Grave Lot
Monument Allowed
Larger Monument Lots
N/A Please Inquire: 603-594-3327
Cremation Lots (2 Urns)
Flush Memorial Only
Cremation Lots (2 Urns)
Monument Allowed


Burial Type
Days Cost
Casket Monday-Friday $800
Casket Saturday $1000
Cremation Urn
Cremation Urn
Saturday $550                    

Interments are not performed on Sundays or holidays.