Religious, Educational & Charitable Exemptions

A non-profit organization whose mission is of a religious, educational or charitable nature, may qualify for a property tax exemption. The property must be owned, used and occupied by the organization (RSA 72:23) as of April 1 of the year the application is made.

The organization must file annually with the City of Nashua Assessing Department, on or before April 15, a list of all property for which an exemption is claimed. (RSA 72:23-c). This form is known as the A-9 (PDF).

A charitable organization must also file annually with the municipality before June 1st “a statement of its financial condition for the preceding fiscal year and such other information as may be necessary to establish its status and eligibility for tax exemption.” (RSA 72:23, VI). This form is known as the A-12 (PDF).

Failure to File
Failure to file the required form in a timely manner may result in a denial of the exemption for that tax year.

Submitting Forms
Please note the link provided is for a “fillable” form and once completed it must be printed and signed and the original must be submitted to the Assessing Department by the due dates listed. These forms will not be accepted via email or fax and it is strongly suggested that this form be returned via certified mail or hand delivered to assure it is received by the assessing department.

If hand delivered, a receipt will be provided upon request. Make a copy of the form for your file.