Nashua Brand Audit


As the Economic Development Office looks toward recruitment of new businesses, workers, and investments, the unique story of Nashua will be key. Voted the safest place to live in America, with historic charm, great restaurants, and just an hour from the mountains, the ocean, and Boston, the City of Nashua has amazing attributes that just need to be packaged to those coming to town.

In 2023 CivicBrand completed a Place Brand Audit of the City of Nashua to understand how we are currently positioned in the market to sell Nashua as an amazing place to build a life. This Place Brand Audit looked at how we present ourselves to the outside world in two ways: as a government entity and as a community. There were two workshops completed with CivicBrand, one internally with staff and one with community partners and leaders. The workshops looked at what we present to the world now and what we would like to present. Their work shows that we have a lot to be proud of in our community, but don’t yet have a cohesive way to tell our unique story and that more work is needed to create a strategy.


Nashua Place Brand Audit Results

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