Exemptions & Credits

Exemptions and Credits are available to residents of Nashua. Any resident who may be eligible for an exemption for the first time must file a permanent application with the Assessing Department. Please call the Assessing office or check with the specific exemption or credit page for qualifications. The deadline for all Exemptions and Credit applications is April 15th.

Policies & Process
If you are receiving an exemption or credit and you relocate within the City, you must file an amended permanent application with the Assessing Department by December 1st of the tax year for any exemption or credit and the exemption/credit will be transferred to the new property. It will be the exemption/credit recipient's responsibility to notify the parties involved in the sale of the property that the credit is being moved to the new property with the person qualified for the exemption.

Biannual Re-Qualification/Audit
Existing exemptions for veterans, blind, elderly and disabled will be continued automatically, and are subject to a bi-annual re-qualification or audit.

Tax Deferral
A Tax Deferral is also available for those who qualify.

Taxpayers must inform the Assessing Department of any change of address or status.

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