West Pearl Street Streetscaping

Originally, the Nashua Center for the Arts project included a streetscaping component for West Pearl Street. However, due to budget constraints the streetscaping scope was value engineered out of the project and it was determined that it could be done at a later date as a separate matter if so desired. The City of Nashua’s Downtown Improvement Committee recognizing the importance of such a project opted to pursue the streetscaping of West Pearl Street on a parallel course and set aside money for a streetscaping design in 2021. A design commenced in late fall of 2021 with a target goal of finishing the design by the spring of 2022.

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Project Documents

West Pearl St Streetscape December Presentation

The design team had a site tour of West Pearl St on October 22, 2021 to document existing conditions.

Site Tour Minutes


January 26th 2022 the Infrastructure Committee voted to affirmatively approve the direction the design plans were headed and for the design to proceed as outlined.

If you have questions or comments in regards to this project please contact Tim Cummings at cummingst@nashuanh.gov