Requirements for Opening a Food Service Establishment

The City of Nashua is a self-inspecting municipality and oversees its own food service program. Any food that is sold, prepared, or distributed to the public requires a food service license through the Environmental Health Department as outlined in Nashua Revised Ordinance Chapter 170. The only exceptions to licensing are bake sales of non-potentially hazardous foods, and similar low-risk activities. The department reserves the right to license any food-related activity that presents a potential risk to the public. The City of Nashua does not license or recognize residential/homestead kitchens. All food sold, prepared, or distributed to the public must be prepared in a licensed commercial kitchen.   

Environmental Health Staff are always willing to answer questions and help individuals interested in opening a food service establishment within the City. If you have any questions about the process, please call the department at 603-589-4530 to speak with an Environmental Health Specialist. 

Food Service Fees

The Environmental Health Department Food Service Fees were updated on August 9, 2022. View the updated fees here.

General Requirements for Opening a Food Service Establishment

Temporary Food Service Events or Mobile Food Service Vendors


If you have an existing establishment and are interested in scheduling food safety training for your staff, please contact the Environmental Health Department for availability. 

Certified Food Protection Manager Trainings

Free Food Safety Training

For More Information: 603-589-4530