Elm Street Middle School Feasibility Study

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Purpose of the study

With the closure of the Elm Street Middle School on the horizon, the City of Nashua has engaged planning consultant, Marvel, to conduct a feasibility study which will analyze the highest and best future use of this public land. The nearly 9-acre school site, which sits just one block away from the Downtown Main Street corridor, and historically served as the city’s “South Commons”, is of strategic importance for the City of Nashua. The study will include evaluating the historic school building for potential adaptive re-use, exploring the potential preservation of the Keefe Auditorium, and establishing parameters for site-wide redevelopment including a range of new uses. This survey and your responses will help to inform the strategies and concepts developed in the next phase of the planning study.


The first community meeting was held March 30, 2022 both on zoom and in City Hall Auditorium with about 50 participants. The slide deck that was used and the feed back from that meeting are linked below.

March 30, 2022 Community Meeting - Presentation

The document below contains the results of the March 30, 2022 community meeting.

March 30, 2022 - Community Meeting Feedback Results

The second community meeting was held July 11, 2022 both on zoom and in City Hall Auditorium with about 30 participants. The slide deck that was use is linked below.

July 11, 2022 - Community Meeting - Presentation

Please see the memo outlining usage of the Keefe Auditorium based on research done in the summer of 2022 and memorialized in this memo July 14, 2022

Keefe Auditorium Memo - 7-14-2022

See the cost estimate from July 12, 2022. This cost estimate was done under a certain set of assumptions including the auditorium being a stand alone building, and in a market ready condition. Be advised that through additional study there will be an exploration of differing scenarios that may or may not bring the cost estimate down. This could be achieved through value engineering strategies, or by changing some of the baseline assumptions. This document in draft form will be studied further.

Keefe Auditorium Cost Estimate - 7-12-2022

Below are links to the presentation of the joint PEDC & COI meeting on 12/6/22. There is the PowerPoint presentation and a link to the YouTube video where the full meeting can be viewed.

YouTube Video - PEDC & COI 12-6-22 Joint Meeting

PEDC & COI 12-6-22 Joint Meeting Powerpoint Presentation

For further information about this project please contact Tim Cummings at cummingst@nashuanh.gov or Amy DeRoche at derochea@nashuanh.gov