COVID-19 Economic Recovery & Relief Plan

Assessment and Recommended Action Steps for the Economic Recovery of the City of Nashua Regarding COVID-19


In May of 2020, the undersigned who are involved in economic development came together to begin the process of sketching out what an economic recovery roadmap would look like for the City of Nashua. We believe this to be an iterative process and by no means is this a final or conclusive document, but should be viewed through the lens of a “phase 1” or the beginning of a plan. We endeavored to capture the economic sentiments at the time and provide suggestions with the hopes of bringing some economic relief. 

As a group, we met eight (8) times in four weeks. Our virtual meetings were open and it allowed us to have frank conversations, focused on starting an economic recovery. Three local economic impact surveys were conducted. First, the Greater Nashua Chamber of Commerce put forward a survey in March. Great American Downtown conducted an additional survey. Finally, at the very end of April, the Greater Nashua Chamber conducted a more in-depth survey. The results of these surveys have been included and form the backbone, on which this report is predicated. 

Economic Recovery & Relief Plan Phase 1 (PDF)