Transit Center Renovation Project

About the Project

Nashua Transit System has received grant funds from the Federal Government’s 5339 program to make renovations to the Transit Center building, platform, & plaza area.

Project Goals

  • Redesign bathroom facilities
  • Replace pavement & underlying infrastructure
  • Re-design traffic patterns
  • Widen sidewalks
  • Incorporate heated roof to address falling ice
  • Durable building materials / low-maintenance / vandal-proof
  • Flooring, seating, & paint update
  • Improved layout of driver break area
  • Wi-Fi access for public and staff

Areas of Focus

Transit Center Building

  • Redesign of bathroom facilities
  • Flooring, seating & paint updates
  • Improved layout of driver break area
Transit Center architectural drawing - interior layout

Platform Roof

  • Falling ice & snow hazards
  • Slip, trip & fall hazards

Small Sidewalks

  • Do not currently support ADA ramp usage
  • Heavy maintenance in the winter
Transit Center Sidewalk in the snow

Grooved Pavement

  • Deep channels
  • Winter maintenance challenges

Sinkholes Around Storm Drains

  • Repeat Sinking & repairs
  • Tire & bus damage

High Curbs

  • Buses sit low due to grooves
  • Pedestrian slip, trip & fall risks

Transit Center Storm Drain

Pedestrian Access

  • Platform is cross access between parking garage and City Hall
  • Many conflict points from buses, parking, and traveling vehicles

Traffic Pattern

  • One-way for buses
  • Bi-directional for vehicles
4 buses wait at NTS Transit Center

Project Timeline

Spring 2020Phase 1:  
Engineering / Feasibility Study / Preliminary Plans

Public discussions & meetings

Permitting & site plan approval

Summer 2020Phase 2:  
Final Plans

Full plans & technical specifications ready for bid

Summer / Fall 2020Phase 3:
Bidding Services

Summer 2021 - Winter 2022Phase 4:
Visit the Transit Center Construction page for more information!

Documents & Presentations

Feedback & Questions

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