Outdoor Dining

2021 Outdoor Dining

The following information is being provided for the 2021 Outdoor Dining Season in Nashua which begins March 15th and continues through November 15,  2021.

Due to COVID-19, the process, rules and regulations have been adjusted to reflect New Hampshire’s protocols and guidance. Nashua’s local rules and regulation have been adjusted as well.

Permits are currently being issued for the upcoming season and we want to help you navigate the process should you have an interest in outdoor dining. We understand a one size fits all approach is not going to work for all applicants and will do our best to work cooperatively with you while always adhering to the latest guidance and recommendations from Public Health professionals.

Below are resources and contacts to assist you, including the Outdoor Dining Permit application and rules and regulations from the various departments with authority over this matter. You may also email OutdoorDining@nashuanh.gov.

For ALL Outdoor Dining Establishments on Public, Private or Commercial Property:

For Outdoor Dining on PRIVATE or COMMERCIAL Property:

Contact Information:

  • Email: OutdoorDining@nashuanh.gov
  • Public Works - Lauren Byers: 589-3276
  • Fire Marshal - Adam Pouliot: 589-3465
  • Building Safety: 589-3080
  • Planning Board/Planning Department: 589-3090
  • Public Health Department: 589-4530
  • Economic Development - Tim Cummings: 589-3072