COVID-19 Preventative Measures

Preventative Measures

NTS is taking the following preventative measures to protect the health and safety of our passengers and employees:

  • Cleaning & Disinfecting all vehicles and facilities on a daily basis.
  • Providing disinfecting wipes and gloves for operator use.
  • Posting informational posters about COVID-19 on vehicles & at the Transit Center in coordination with the Nashua Division of Public Health & Community Service

Passenger Safety

The safety of our passengers and staff is our #1 priority. Nashua Transit System encourages passengers to:

  • Wear cloth face coverings when using our service.
  • Do not ride the bus if sick.
  • Limit non-essential bus travel.
  • Limit interactions with our bus drivers and staff.
  • Please honor "Do Not Sit" notices on designated seats.
  • Maintain a social distance of at least 6 ft from others while waiting for the bus.
  • Spread out among the seats when riding the bus.
  • Follow CDC guidelines to protect yourself and others.